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From the back streets of Reservoir to major festival stages of Europe, Melbourne's own Grindhouse has always trodden a DIY path of garage punk rock n' roll. More comfortable in a room full of dickheads, the band has managed to carve out a devoted following of misfits, weirdos and under wear sniffers.

With three studio albums under their belt: Sleeping at the Peeps, Crazy Pussy and Can I Drive Your Commodore, Grindhouse now unleashes its fourth studio album 'Sex Punk Power'.

Grindhouse has taken on its first female full time member in Shannon Cannon aka Candy Cocaine to bolster the ranks and add a new flavour to the band and the next album.

The band has come together with Tuff Cuff records to release the exclusive 7" single 'Ramma Damma/City High' - a two track rock n' roll banger with a healthy nod to little Richard & Bo Diddley.

The sexiest rock band on earth has returned with 'Sex Punk Power' - the album to save 2021!


Grindhouse - Releases

Tuff Cuff Records will be stocking two EXCLUSIVE variants for record stores and online retailers/labels only (that's us!) - Winnie Red & Winnie Blue. Includes Lyric/Poster Sheet & Download Code

Sex Punk Power


New 7” - Ramma Damma/City High.


Exclusive Kabana & Cheese Variant and Kabana, Cheese & Sauce Variant only available from Tuff Cuff Records. Holden Red, Regular Black & A handfull of Test Pressings are also available

Ramma Damma City High

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