Delivering some of the best ROCK ACTION Australia has ever produced

Odds are we’re not telling you anything you don’t already know. If you love amazing Australian live music then Warped need no introduction.


But just in case you’ve never heard of the mighty Warped read on....


Having just released their new album ‘From The Blue’ to stellar reviews from rock critics and overwhelming praise from fans - Geelong legends WARPED are back to their best form.


For over 20 years Warped has been an evolving rock and roll animal, delivering some of the best ROCK ACTION Australia has ever produced. 


Over the years, Warped have shared the stage with Dinosaur Jnr, Fugazi, Henry Rollins, Audioslave, The Melvins, The Distillers, Andrew WK, Fu Manchu, The Dwarves, The Donnas and local heroes Cosmic Psychos, Powder Monkeys, The Hard-Ons, The Meanies, Magic Dirt, Spiderbait, Tumbleweed and The Mark of Cain to name but a few.


Tuff Cuff Records can not wait to unleash the power of Warped live upon your ears with recordings never put to wax before.

Reformed Greater Melbourne ’90s band Warped are back with their first music in a long, long time, but they haven’t lost their

gnashing-hard edge.

Jack Rabid - The Big Take Over, New York City


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