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Exiled Soviet punks, Svetlanas return! Releasing what might be their watermark of raging hardcore-punk catharsis and scathing socio-political commentary Disco Sucks via Demons Run Amok Records.

Fully-functioning as a DIY cooperative under the name of SVETS Modular Collective the Svetlanas are Olga (vocals), Diste (drums), Steve (bass) and American Nick Oliveri.  As the first fruit of this partnership Disco Sucks is a fully self-created endeavor. This includes the recording and mixing of the album which the band tackled at their favorite skatepark (the Pinbowl) in their current base of operations in Milan, Italy.

Though originally forming in the Soviet Union around 2009, the band’s unrelenting criticisms of the government there (some examples being 2015’s LP Naked Horse-Rider and lead-off track  from 2017’s This Is Moscow Not LA entitled “Putin On The Hitz”)  prevents them from safely returning.  

Besides their own releases the Svetlanas done split releases with such like-minded punk spirits as The Adolescents, The Dwarves and Mondo Generator.  In addition to touring with the afore-mentioned names, they have also hit the road opening for such legends as D.O.A and M.D.C.  They have toured the United States and Europe numerous times and a blistering run of shows in Australia in 2019.


Svetlanas - Releases

Svetlanas - Disco Sucks Limited Edition Vinyl Baby-Blue & Pink Variants (Only 20 of each available). Imported with thanks to Demons Run Amok Records

Disco  Sucks

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