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Rising from the depths of the ethereal abyss, riff by riff, Hekate have been weened on the DNA and breast milk of Sabbath and Saint Vitus.

Since 2019, Hekate have pledged their allegiance to the riff under a crimson primordial sky (Canberra and Sydney, Australia) to embody a dark embrace and elicit feelings of ecstatic reverence that melts steel.

3 years after their Black Farm Records debut, HEKATE is back with "House Of Solomon".8 new tracks of their occult 70's infected Doom Rock. Precise, solid and heady. 

Sharp guitar licks and unwavering drum & bass structure are the signature of the band. Not to forget the unmatched vocal tone of Marcus De Pasquale (from Witchskull fame).



This new album is the continuation of HEKATE's unstoppable Stoner powerhouse.

From the intriguing 'Intro' to the very last notes of 'Artic Tern', the band sets us off on a trip through hazy, uncanny and magical landscapes.


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