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Dr Colossus

Simpsons Doom juggernauts Dr. Colossus are the world's greatest Springfieldian doom band.


A bombastic, and crushing new track ’Sixty Six & Six’ is the first studio recording the band has released since the tragic passing of one of it’s founding members and drummer Nathan Johnston in late 2017.


The track tackles the lamely rebellious ways of Rod and Todd Flanders as they refuse to go to church (on a Saturday) and utter hell-no’s to any damn vegetables. 


Dr. Colossus shows off their signature lumbering sound this time with a nod to 80’s inspired choruses and choral backings. Mastered in the US by Alan Douches (High on Fire, Mastodon, Clutch) the vinyl masters are gigantic, rich and as colourful as the Glenn Smith Illustration on it’s cover. 


Dr Colossus - Releases

Limited Edition 7" - Two exclusive versions availble - Sacrificial Blood Splatter, Mystery Edition - Hand stamped & numbered  Only 66 copies of each.


A small number of 'Grey for Moleman' Variants and Test Pressings are also available

Sixty-Six & Six

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