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Born in 2001 in the industrial steel coastal city of Wollongong, NSW. ROCKAFELLA came about from a mutual love of the raw independent seventies sounds of Radio Birdman and the Saints to the famous Albert Studios sounds of AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. 


The ethos was an uncompromising twin guitar attack with the classic lead singer combination, driving wild and energetic rock’n’roll with a live show to match. 


With brothers Mick and Andy Simpson and the inclusion of lifelong `friends Jake Dignam, Luke Nolan and Matty David the band soon got busy with multiple east coast tours and a highly received Self Titled Ep and LP ‘Sinner’ produced by Young Younger (Radio Birdman). 


Fast forward 20+ years and with the stars aligning Rockafella finally got back together for a run of shows and to record the long anticipated second long player “DEEP HEAT”, this saw the band enlisting producer Rob Younger (Radio Birdman) to once again bring his producing prowess to the mixing desk. 


Hanny J Cover B.jpg

DEEP HEAT is 11 tracks of high energy output, as the band pushes themselves to deliver a true and honest Australian Rock’n’roll record. 


Mixed by the wizz kid master Max Dangerfield and mastered by the one and only Mikey Young DEEP HEAT proves to deliver on that anticipated long player from 17 years ago. 


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