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The Ugly Kings - Gypsy Queen

The sequel and final chapter to The Ugly Kings Debut album 'Darkness Is My Home'. Both songs were recorded as part of those sessions, but never before released. This partnership with Tuff Cuff Records is the perfect way to complete the story of that album and bring these songs to life with exclusive and very limited Vinyl.  


Gypsy Queen


It’s a straight up and down classic rock song about a free spirited woman that you can’t control. A woman with a powerful and magnetic energy that you can do nothing but give yourself over to. 


Little Suzie


About an ending relationship where both people are too scared to pull the trigger. If you’re going to shoot me put the gun to head basically means if you’re going to end it, do it quickly, don’t drag it out.


Tuff Cuff Records Record Club Members will receive the Black or Buttercup Variant. The Purple & Yellow Splatter Variant is available exclusively from The Ugly Kings Bandcamp Page and our exclusive Aqua Swirl Variant is Sold Out! A small number of Back Test Pressings are also available for die hard collectors.


The Ugly Kings - Gypsy Queen

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