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The Neptune Power Federation - We're Gonna Die

Things are looking grim, the world is going to hell in a hand basket and we’re all going to die. OR ARE WE?!?


There’s been a lot of recent science talk about the mortality myth however THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION are not buying it. Everlasting life is as simple as forgoing your worldly possessions and joining us as we journey through the cosmic portal to the rock and roll super city in the sky.


All the information you need is packed inside the new 7” single kindly disseminated by the
legends at TUFF CUFF RECORDS. Listen carefully and follow the instructions. See you on the other side...


Overseas buyers - We can ship 3x 7" for the same price $30 (Tracked & Insured).

Send us a message if there's any postage cost concerns at check out and we will look after you.

The Neptune Power Federation - We're Gonna Die

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