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Jack Harlon & The Dead Crowes - Hymns

Many years since its initial release, Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows are reissuing their debut album Hymns on vinyl in conjunction with Tuff Cuff Records & Copper Feast Records. 


Three limited edition variants are new available for pre-order - Arcane Dust, Electric West & Red Dread. Final product may differ slightly from mock ups.


Test Pressing Pack includes - Test Pressing & Medusa Slipmat.


'Hymns' was the first full length installment of the Jack Harlon universe and reached #14 on the Doom Charts worldwide after its debut. The concept album delves into the trials and tribulations of a drug addicted western outlaw who is questioning the reality of the experiences placed before him. The work is inspired by old western novels, the human condition and any form of sound within the psychedelic landscape.


"Playing like a soundtrack to a Tarantino movie set in the landscape of an outlaw’s travels across the barren desert, high on peyote and searching for a way back to planet earth. A heavy, trippy, fuzzy record full of bluesy doom and hooligan twang."- Bucky Brown - Doom Charts 2018


Buyers outside Australia: Postage varies from $30+ depending on number of copies ordered.


We recommend hitting up:


For UK/EU orders, head to bandcamp:


For USA orders, head to The Cosmic Peddler via


Jack Harlon & The Dead Crowes - Hymns

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