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Astrodeath Vol II

ASTRODEATH are pleased to announce their brand-new album VOL.2 is available for pre-order through Tuff Cuff Records in Australia and Black Farm Records in Europe.


Australian Exclusive Colour Variants plus a few rare Test Pressings and Comic Book available now.


A couple of signed packs have just landed - Signed Album Pack (Album, Comic, Patch, & Guitar Pick). Signed Test Pressing Pack (Test Pressing, Comic, Patch, & Guitar Pick)


Note - Postage calculations can be all over the place if you are from outside Australia - so please contact us for a quote if buying multiple records. Hand delivery = Pick up from Richmond or Ballarat Victoria.


VOL.2 the album is available on your favourite streaming services. Conjuring a mountainous sound borne of madness and revelation, ASTRODEATH report back from the precipice, bringing us haunting visions of a blind and indifferent universe and the hideous, mindless creations that lie in wait, insatiable in their desire to dominate and devour.


Hailing from Cadigal Land in the Eora Nation (otherwise known as Sydney), singer/guitarist Tim Lancken and drummer Yoshi Hausler weave an otherworldly musical alchemy that belies their earthly origins and underpins the ritualistic hypnosis of Astrodeath's furious and intimidating sound, a titanic reverberation that far exceeds the sum of its twin parts.


Astrodeath Vol.2 - The Comic, Is a Pre-Apocalyptic, Sci-fi Thriller. Created by The Legendary Glenno Smith. It’s a story written based on themes from Astrodeath’s Debut, Self-titled record. This super deluxe, Limited edition, A5 book is twenty pages of glossy, Illustrated, Goodness designed to be flipped through while you’re listening to the new record. Giving listeners a tactile and visual representation of what the songs are all about. As long as you can read and Head-bang at the same time!! 

Astrodeath Vol II

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